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City of Saskatoon

UPDATED Cosmo reaches deal with city hall

Cosmo Industries and the City of Saskatoon have officially entered into a nine year; $21.5 million contract to deliver recycling to apartments and condos in the city.

“If you’re not in the single-family program, you’re with the Cosmo program,” said Ken Gryschuk, community engagement manager with Cosmo. “We’re going to roll out the bins first over six weeks (in October) and once you have a bin within two weeks you will get collection we want people to be using them right off the bat.”

Downtown bus terminal closes for construction

Construction has closed down the downtown bus terminal for the next two days.

The 23rd Street downtown bus terminal is closed Thursday and Friday as city crews fix curbs and sidewalks.

A temporary terminal will be set up one block east along 23rd Street between 3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue in front of city hall and the Frances Morrison Library.

Stops on 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue won't be affected.

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Saskatoon looks to improve leisure registration

The City of Saskatoon says they've taken steps to make it easier for residents to register for fall leisure activities, despite complaints and calls for change.

Director of recreation and sport Cary Humphrey said the city has doubled the amount of phone line staff to 20 and boosted the amount of people who can access the registration site at the same time from 300 to 350.

The response follows Sunday’s opening of fall registration. Some residents took to social media to vent their frustration over slow processing times.

Children’s Museum gets break from city hall

The City of Saskatoon is sacrificing a little hoping to gain a lot when the Children’s Discovery Museum moves into the Mendel building in 2016.

More garbage, pollution, side-effects of rapid growth

A growing Saskatoon comes with a few environmental challenges.

On Tuesday the city’s environmental and utilities committee reviewed the first environmental health and sustainability report, looking at the City's air quality, garbage and recycling programs and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Air quality remains a high priority for people in Saskatoon according the the public consultations held through Saskatoon Speaks. Amber Jones with the city said overall the air quality in Saskatoon has consistently been classified as good, however she sees a trend of steady decline.

Report details responsibilities for bridge project

While no one has been selected yet to build two new bridges slated for Saskatoon, an administration report outlines what responsibilities any successful bidder will have.

The report, presented to the city's transportation committee, is part of the process of getting the project ready to go out for bids.

Fall leisure registration still flawed says councillor

Registration for fall leisure activities is underway in Saskatoon.
Families were able to start the process on Sunday, but Ward 9 Councillor Tiffany Paulsen says it hasn't been as easy as it should be.
"All of council has actually received complaints and I've noticed a lot on social media, I've seen a lot of complaining happening as well," Paulsen said in an interview with News Talk on Monday.

Saskatoon crossing fingers for new infrastructure funds

The City of Saskatoon hopes the New Building Canada Fund (NBCF) will help pave the way to a safer and faster moving Saskatoon.

“Under the New Building Canada Fund the city could be eligible to receive $175 million over 10 years,” Kerry Tarasoff, general manager of finances with the City of Saskatoon, said.

Saskatoon fire chief delivers report on rail issues

Rail safety was once again on the agenda at City Hall.

In response to a request from Saskatoon City Council back in June, fire chief Dan Paulsen presented a report to Monday's meeting of the Standing Policy Committee on Planning, Development and Community Services.

The report focused on the impact of rail on emergency response, and included short-term measures aimed at helping to address problems.

Saskatoon cracking down on unsafe pet owners

City hall is cracking down on pet owners allowing animals to freely roam on the back of pickup trucks while driving through Saskatoon.

“The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) recommends all pets be protected during transport by the use of crates or with tethering devices such as seatbelts,” Dr. Terri Chotowitz with the Cumberland Veterinary Clinic in Saskatoon said.

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