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City of Saskatoon

Taxpayers federation disappointed with Saskatoon tax hike

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says Saskatoon city councillors took the easy road, approving a 7.43 per cent tax hike for 2014.

“It’s pretty disappointing that there’s a huge tax increase given that a lot of people’s paychecks aren’t going up nearly that quickly,” said Colin Craig, prairie director with the CTF.

“No doubt there are some roads and bridges that need some tender loving care but what council needs to do is make them a priority rather than funding non-priority projects.”

Saskatoon council approves largest tax hike in 2 decades

The average homeowner can expect to see $108 added to their 2014 tax bills after city council approved one of its largest tax hikes in recent history.

“In 20 years of budgets, I cannot recall us ever doing a tax increase of seven per cent,” Mayor Don Atchison said, after a Day 2 of budget deliberations at city hall.

LIVE: Proposed budget faces final debate

Policing and other emergency services are under the microscope as city council and the mayor enter the final day of budget deliberations.

Residents are facing a 7.26 per cent tax increase next year if the proposed budget passes without any changes.  The possibility of the tax increase coming down was reduced Tuesday when council passed the 4.26 per cent levy for roads.

Follow Wednesday’s debate with city hall reporter Francois Biber.

Budget committee approves 4.29 per cent road levy

With little to no opposition, city council approved a 4.29 per cent road levy for the 2014 budget.

“People said you need to fix our roads; this plan will fix our roads,” said Ward 8 Councillor Eric Olauson.

On day one of budget deliberations at city hall, the mayor and city councillors sifted through pages in the proposed 2014 budget, which called for a 7.26 per cent increase to property taxes next year. After approving more than half the increase with the passage of the road levy, that 7.26 total is likely to stand, according to Councillor Randy Donauer.

Saskatoon man with bipolar weighs in on disability strategy

For Kent Winslow, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is just like every other day.

LIVE: City council debates budget

City councillors and the mayor have begun two days of deliberations on Saskatoon's proposed 2014 budget.

The budget, as it stands, is calling for a 7.26 per cent tax increase, which comes with a 4.29 per cent levy to fund road repair. It also includes two city wide snow clearings and sets aside money for the North Commuter Parkway Bridge.

Follow the debate with city hall reporter Francois Biber.





Council pushes through with Saskatoon stripper bylaw

Come 2014, fulltime strip clubs operating in bars and nightclubs are limited to the heavy industrial areas of Saskatoon.

Pressured by a deadline from Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA), city council decided not to tamper with the proposed adult entertainment bylaw, pushing strip clubs to the heavy industrial areas of Saskatoon. Strip teases, wet T-shirt contests and other forms of adult live entertainment in established nightclubs and bars will be limited to holding the events only twice per month.

Cold weather coming to Saskatoon

As a blizzard makes its way across Southern Saskatchewan people in Saskatoon should brace for dropping temperatures.

Delays at riverbank slope failure project as geofoam installed

The sloping riverbank at 17th Street East and Saskatchewan Crescent East is now being built back up with foam blocks, but the whole project is behind schedule.

The giant, white geofoam blocks fit together like lego blocks and will stabilize the riverbank, but won't weigh it down.

"The main purpose behind the foam is that it takes the weight off of the slope. The dirt that was there before has a certain weight and that weight was causing the slope to push downward," said Andrew Hildebrandt, storm water utility manager with the City of Saskatoon.

Saskatoon man makes human rights complaint against cab company

A Saskatoon man has filed a human rights complaint with Comfort Cabs after three separate incidents involving his seeing-eye dog.

"It baffles me that in this century people have such problems with guide dogs," said Mike Simmonds in an interview with News Talk radio on Friday.

Simmonds said the issue started two months ago when a dispatcher with the cab company said that he would need a pet friendly taxi.

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