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City of Saskatoon

Volunteers mobilize for designated driver program

Saskatoon drivers have another option for getting home safe during the holiday season.

Operation Red Nose will again be offering people a free ride home every Friday and Saturday night from now until December 31.

If you've had too much to drink at your Christmas party a team of three volunteers will drive you and your vehicle home, said coordinator Gloria Simpkins with the Saskatoon Lions Club, which runs the designated driver program in the city.

"During the holiday season there's more need out there than anyone can fill," she said.

Committee recommends Saskatoon-based firm to lead new website

The City of Saskatoon is one click closer to launching its redesigned website.
Robert Gihuly speaks for the city's website project steering committee.  He said they're recommending Saskatoon digital media firm "Zu" as the lead consultant for developing the city’s new website.
"Zu is recommending the use of Drupal open source software. This is being used by the Government of Canada and the City of Ottawa, and a number of other government agencies to develop new websites," Gihuly said.

Saskatoon mayor helps kick off Jewish festival of lights

Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison harnessed himself to a crane outside the Mendel Art Gallery Wednesday night.

Saskatoon will find a way to fund North Commuter Parkway project

A north commuter bridge will still be built in Saskatoon but it will not meet the 2016 goal.

Mayor Don Atchison said despite missing the December intake for funding, he is still hopeful the province will help fund the Commuter Parkway Project. 

"I think the best thing for us to do right now is to be able to get a hold of the province and hopefully we can sit down and have some meaningful discussions," Atchison said.

Saskatoon CarShare Co-op hopes council approves parking spots

On the cusp of a winter launch, the Saskatoon CarShare Co-op is seeking the city’s help for one final piece of the puzzle.

“We need parking for our cars so our members can access them,” CarShare board member Scott Bell said. “Those parking spots need to be established in a single location and in the process of looking for parking we started a discussion with the city to explore a partnership.”

Sask. gov't says Parkway Bridge delays not province's fault

Plans to have a new commuter bridge open in Saskatoon's north end by 2016 have hit a roadblock and no one wants to take the blame.

Tuesday Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison said that the city was still looking for funding from both the provincial and federal governments. He said Ottawa was considering it, but the Government of Saskatchewan was not.

Where should Saskatoon invest in parks and rec facilities?

As Saskatoon’s population and city limits swell, parks and recreation facilities and program demands see an increase demand.

Tuesday the City of Saskatoon’s community development team submitted a proposal for a recreation master plan, aimed at building an inventory of all the civic centres, parks and rec centres and its respective programs to see what the city needs.

No north bridge for Saskatoon in 2016

Plans to have a new commuter bridge open in Saskatoon's North End by 2016 are hitting a roadblock.

Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison says the city is still looking for funding from both the provincial and federal governments.

Ottawa is considering it, but at this point the Government of Saskatchewan is not. At least not yet.

"We've got our application in to the federal government for P3's, and they've accepted as an intake. We're still waiting to hear back from the province, so we've missed the December intake," said Atchison.

Saskatoon police turn to Twitter during community consultation

In their first public consultation since 2010, the Saskatoon Police Service employed some 21st century tools to widen the scope of their feedback.

Around 95 people turned up at the Sheraton Cavalier Hotel Monday morning to discuss what is working about policing in Saskatoon, and what is worrying about it. Using the hashtag #spsconsult, people on Twitter could weigh in too.

"We thought we'd use social media with this particular consultation, and we probably always will now," Chief Clive Weighill said.

Saskatoon councillors slam prayer policy

The mayor and city councillors decided not to adopt a prayer policy saying it would be a slippery slope and open up city hall to all sorts of policy changes.

“This (governing) body cannot legislate morals and beliefs,” Ward 8 Councillor Eric Olauson. “One hundred per cent of the people I talked to said stand up for what you believe, and following the direction of Ward 8, I’m voting for no policy.”

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