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City of Saskatoon

Exercise Domino evacuates residents in Saskatoon

The evacuation phase of Exercise Domino tested Saskatoon's emergency preparedness.

Monday morning multiple agencies and private companies worked together to evacuate around 180 participants from four different high rises and transport them to a reception centre in Warman.

"From the movement of a few hundred people we can extrapolate some numbers on how long it takes and the organization that goes into the movement of a populous," said emergency measures coordinator for the City of Saskatoon Anthony Tataryn.

Strip clubs could be isolated in heavy industrial areas of Saskatoon

It will only take six votes to push fulltime strip clubs to the north and southwest industrial areas of Saskatoon.

“Council has directed us to accommodate adult entertainment venues as a permitted use in only these areas,” the City’s planning manager Alan Wallace said.

City of S'toon takes measures to get disaster insurance for homeowners

As the City waits for Golder Associates Ltd. to finish their study on the Nutana slope, they are taking proactive measures to ensure homeowners will have insurance.

Monday night, City Council will ask for a request for designation as an eligible assistance area under the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP).

It is in regards to the riverbank slumping on 11th Street East and Saskatchewan Crescent East that started in June 2012 and has moved another 1.2 metres since the end of June 2013.

Sask. human rights commission rejects Merry Christmas complaint

The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission (SHRC) said it's no longer looking into a complaint about Merry Christmas appearing on city buses.

On John Gormley Live today, commissioner David Arnot confirmed a complaint had been filed by Saskatoon resident Ashu Solo, but they dropped it.

"We had a complaint about a Merry Christmas sign on a city transit bus. We found that there were insufficient grounds to believe that the code was violated," Arnot told the show.

Multi-unit owners, renters concerned about proposed recycling program

Cost, education and where to put the bins were common concerns voiced by condo owners and apartment dwellers at the multi-unit recycling open house in Saskatoon Thursday night.
People were asked to give feedback on the updated proposed recycling program for apartments and condos. The city revamped its program after holding similar consultations in March.
One big change is that all recycling, including glass, would go in a single bin, and its size and location would depend on the property.

Expansion of the U-Pass system needed for city centre

Getting 30 per cent of the city’s population to work on a bike or a bus is one of the city’s more ambitious goals.

However, Ward 1 city Councillor Darren Hill said if transit offers better service into the city centre, while expanding its U-Pass program to include others besides university students, that goal is achievable.

“One idea we could be looking at is a city centre form of a U-Pass system,” Hill said.

City of Saskatoon prepares for emergencies with Exercise Domino

The City of Saskatoon will be doing an exercise to put policy into practice when it comes to emergencies in the city.

The City of Saskatoon Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) has teamed up with the Saskatchewan Emergency Management and Fire Safety Branch and the Ministry of Government Relations and Public Safety Canada for Exercise Domino.

"An exercise of this nature is timely considering recent real-life events," said Saskatoon Emergency Planning Director Ray Unrau.

TransformUS reports will be made public in December

The University of Saskatchewan will be revealing how its programs and services rank in a matter of months.

Two task forces are currently compiling the reports to be handed to the president by Nov. 30. Ilene Busch-Vishniac said she won’t know what is in the reports until they are submitted.

“We have intentionally put together two task forces so that there is no one above the level of a department head on those committees,” she said.

Busch-Vishniac will read the reports before making them public on Dec. 9.

Larger scope to draw bids for Kinsmen Park rebuild

The City of Saskatoon's leisure services branch hopes a higher valuation for the Kinsmen Park makeover attracts more bids for the project

“When we went out and tendered the project we only had one single bid and it came in substantially higher than the $5 million dollar budget, so we asked the consultants to go back and review their cost,” Cary Humphrey, manager of leisure services said.

City struggling to find snow dumps in the southeast

As we inch closer to winter, the City of Saskatoon is still hunting for places to dump snow.

“In early 2012 we established the vision of Saskatoon growing to one million, and we need to serve the city properly and we decided we needed one snow dump in each quadrant in the city,” infrastructure services manager Mike Gutek said.

The city has the southwest corner snow dump already locked-and-loaded. A new civic operations centre will come with a snow dump facility for that part of Saskatoon.

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