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City of Saskatoon

2014 University Cup in Saskatoon breaks attendance records

The 2014 Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) men's hockey championship drew 41,089 fans to Credit Union Centre across seven games, breaking the tournament's attendance record set in 2000.

The tournament's final game Sunday between the University of Saskatchewan Huskies and their rival University of Alberta Golden Bears brought in 6,289 fans alone.

The Golden Bears would win that game 3-1.

In the 52 year history of the tournament, the five most attended championships have all been hosted by Saskatoon.

Water main breaks in Saskatoon leveling off

Water mains have been snapping one after another because of lower than normal ground frost, but the City of Saskatoon said breaks have returned to a normal level for this time of year.

Between February 28 and March 14, Saskatoon was seeing five or more water main breaks a day with as many 15 in one day.

Now, the city said it has leveled off to a an average one or two per day with water service being restored within 48 hours.

PHOTOS: Students and supporters rally outside FNUC Saskatoon campus

Students and supporters hit the street and sidewalk outside of the First Nation University of Canada (FNUC) Saskatoon campus Thursday afternoon.

They were rallying to raise awareness after a move by FNUC administration to stop new enrolment for the fall 2014 year.

"As a student... I am very concerned... We are aware that there is a suspension for the fall 2014 intake. If we have no students coming to our university that's pretty much ending the line for the university," explained Juanita Stone.

Canada-wide warrant suspect may be in Saskatoon area: Police

Authorities in Ontario believe a man wanted in connection to a hit and run death in that province may have fled to the Saskatoon area.

Abdullahi Mohamoud, 24, is charged with the hit and run that occurred on May 19, 2011 in Mississauga, Ontario.

He was arrested five months later and charged with criminal negligence causing death, failing to remain at scene of an accident causing death, and theft under $5,000.

In August 2012, police said Mohamoud failed to attend court and is now wanted on a Canada-wide warrant.

Province's commitment to fund bridges unclear

Despite no mention of the Traffic Bridge in the provincial budget, Mayor Don Atchison said he’s sure the province will kick up funding for the two bridges bundled under the North Commuter Parkway Project.

Shortly after the provincial government announced the budget in Regina, Atchison said he believed Minister Ken Krawetz was referring to both the North Commuter Parkway Bridge and the Traffic Bridge when he spelled out the government’s commitment to help fund a north commuter bridge in 2015-16.

City gears up for busy road repair season

Over the next seven months the City of Saskatoon plans to pour $50 million into its crumbling roadways.

“This is going to be an action packed season of roadwork,” said Jeff Jorgenson, general manager of utilities and transportation said.

“More work means more detours, work zones and traffic restrictions. In the coming weeks we’ll be launching new ways on how to keep on top of delays.”

On Tuesday, city officials made promises to repair potholes, sweep the streets, repave major roadways, paint lines and repair sidewalks, simultaneously.

North bridge on Saskatoon's provincial budget wishlist

All indications suggest Wednesday's provincial budget will be tight but balanced. 

Like every other Saskatchewan city, town, and village, the City of Saskatoon has a wish list. The hope is, there might be a few dollars to help build a new north bridge. But Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison says he isn't looking for any particular dollar figure. At least not yet.

Motorcyclists feeling marginalized by Saskatoon city council

City council’s wish is to write a bylaw that would enforce vehicle noise for motorcycles, cars and trucks.

Technology and decibel limits exist only to test motorcycle noise, so Councillor Zach Jeffries said unfortunately that’s as far as a bylaw extends.

“What it comes down to is the availability of technology and at this point technology exists to test motorcycles and I hope it’s going to be available to test other vehicles in the near future,” he said.

Classes cancelled at St. Philip school due to water main break

Tuesday's classes have been cancelled for the 235 students at Saint Philip Catholic Elementary School in Saskatoon.

It's all because of yet another water main break, which cut water service to the building and left a four-metre wide hole in the street outside.

City crews are working to repair it. Classes should resume on Wednesday.

There were no classes on Monday because of a professional learning day for teachers.

Water main woes sink backhoe

Water main repairs at Taylor Street and Haultain Avenue suffered a set back on Monday when a cave in caused a backhoe to fall into the hole.

The backhoe was pulled out with the help of a small crane and then put onto a flat bed truck.

City crews have been swamped with a high number of breaking water pipes this year.

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